Trump takes US on descending path



Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

US President Donald Trump seem to be unstoppably doing his best job in bringing America downwards, as his behavior has since day one contributed to accelerating the decline of the US. Trump’s use of rude language and disinformation in his speeches has also contributed in this regards. His scorn for international accords and laws, his unpredictable behavior, and his irresponsible tweets, have left the world leaders speechless.

He has shown that he can’t be trusted, as  in many cases, he says one thing and then comes up on tweeter and declare the total opposite. This behavior from Trump and his administration let the leaders around to world to seek better partnerships among themselves. As, in Europe most of the country agree with the Tehran Nuclear deal of 2015, despite pressure from the US government and Trump’s threats of imposing tariffs.

International relations specialists, cities that Trump change the whole game of diplomacy, as before Trump the US was having flexible diplomacy tactics but him coming to power, things changed. Now, Trump has taken the harsh diplomatic techniques, he threatens other nations, leaders, bullies around and even continue to pace foreign invasions. He takes unilateral decisions, breaks international laws, and even bullies United Nations for not supporting his actions. Such as the US declared to take embassy to Jerusalem which is a disputed land between Palestine and Israel.  This action wasn’t backed by the UN and he pulled out partnership from WHO, and other humanitarian organizations, to push them accept his actions in Palestine. Even this move of shafting embassy to Jerusalem was contradictory to what he was suggesting in his political campaign.

Similarly, he intervened in Syrian affairs which back lashed later on as Russia backed the Assad government. He ordered several missile attacks on Syrian lands, backed Syrian rebel groups and shockingly the Al-Qaeda militant group was also ally of the US in Syrian conflict but in Afghanistan Al-Qaeda is enemy number one.

Also, as he took power, world witnessed discrimination against Muslims. As, he order restrictions on Muslims entering US, which by the way was opposed by the US supreme court. With his Ascending to throne,  white supremacists took charge to take discriminatory actions against migrants, Muslims and other ethnic minorities.

While, Trump administrations went on with their plans to intervene in other countries’ affairs. As, one example is China, A chunk of the Hong Kong youth started protesting, which became violent and started harming the local people, law enforcements, and economy of Hong Kong. Whereas, the US encouraged the protesters with passing Hong Kong related bill, which further took demonstrators on destructive protests.

Similarly, The US criticized China for allegedly violating human rights in Xinjiang, which again is intervention in other country’s affairs. A chunk of citizens in Xinjiang are involved in illegal activities and like any other country China doesn’t allow criminal activities. whereas, the criticism that China has open torture centers across Xinjiang, putting over million in detention is an absurd idea. How comes China or any other country can put over a million people in detention centers. Although, the centers to which the west claim to be detention centers, are according to local Xinjiang people are training and vocational centers. The local Xinjiang residents, themselves cherish happy life in Xinjiang, and say that the vocational centers have provided them skills.

US criticism is baseless for the very reason that Muslims in US are living discriminatory lives, while, the country has harmed Muslims in many countries, whole Middle-East, Afghanistan, and African countries like Somalia and others can be seen as an example. How come they take this double standards when it comes to the issue of human rights? In fact, human rights is used as tactic to make excuse against countries and then intervene violently, destructing everything, leaving thousands dead, and hijacking resources, this is what happened already in Iraq.

Despite continues changes in Trump administration, the actual problem of bad policies remains the same, also, he and his cabinet failed to deliver on the promises made during election campaigns. While, the harsh way of dealing with other nations has also shown that the current US leadership is worse than the previous ones. Thus, the bottom line here is that the US has been on the downfall and Trump is the acceleratory force behind it. -The author is a staff member of The Daily Mail.