‘Trade surplus of $300 mln achieved in Italian market’

DM Monitoring

ISLAMABAD: Ambassador of Pakistan to Italy, Jauhar Saleem on Thursday said that Pakistan had posted trade surplus of $ 300 million with Italy in fiscal year 2020-21, which was 49 percent higher than the previous year of 2019-20.
The ambassador informed that Pakistan’s exports to Italy had reached all-time high $ 786 million in FY 2020-21. The trade surplus has been created by export enhancement and import contraction, he said this while talking to media persons through digital ‘Zoom Link’ organized by embassy of Pakistan in Rome. The value added sectors were the main drivers of this growth, he added.
Moreover, Italian imports from non EU countries declined 14 percent. Pakistan posts record trade surplus and export growth in the COVID-19 hit Italian market, he said The ambassador said that Italy had been among the first countries in Europe that were severely hit by the pandemic.