Timesaco launches e-commerce retail platform Dazaran

By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

ISLAMABAD: Chinese digital company Timesaco has launched e-commerce platform ‘Dazaran’ for introducing the online retail business to provide facility to the people in current challenging situation of COVID-19 pandemic.
Recently, Pakistan-based Chinese company Timesaco has decided to launch e-commerce Dazaran App in advance to support all merchants in Pakistan to open online stores through support in two hour instant delivery system in the same city to maintain retail business and reform the retail methods in Pakistan , Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chinese online Services company Timesaco, Donald Li told The Daily Mail.
Donald said that Dazaran was a provider and operator of e-Commerce ecosystem platform in Pakistan. He said that under the umbrella of mother company Timesaco, “We are providing the five different services to the customers in 10 major cities of the country including twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Donald Li said that his company was committed for employment opportunities to the people in this critical situation of pandemic disease, when whole of the world was suffering from this curse, he added.
The CEO informed that the launch plan was three months ahead of schedule but because of people difficulties Dazaran start its operation to encourage business merchants to run their business online. He said that Pakistan’s New-commerce Platform “Dazaran “ in each main city in Pakistan, including merchants and Customer friendly platform which would provide a hub to business to the local community.
Replying to a question, he said that during COVID-19, merchant started facing business difficulties and the people started facing the demand pressure of basic living goods. He said that most merchants in Pakistan still use traditional retail model and in the face of pandemic, most of them were helpless and could not support their families. He said the disruption of business operation had also brought great inconvenience to people’s living and mobility.
Through this platform, merchants could easily and intelligently operate physical stores and online stores. “It is a provider and operator of same-city Instant logistics ecosystem platform.â€
The CEO said that, through this platform, the same city distribution would be easy and the purpose of these two platforms had accelerated the restructure of the Commerce Ecosystem of the same city in Pakistan, to realize the localized operation of the digital economy, and improve the efficiency of business operations.
Li said recently, due to the impact of the pandemic, more people in Pakistan chose to shop online rather than physical stores, and try to travel less. He said that it was unclear whether the Pakistani government would take further new restrictive measures, but it was clear that traditional retail was bound to be affected and it was facing great challenges.