Time for Pakistan to work on good governance, says former US ambassador

KARACHI: Former ambassador of the United States to Pakistan Cameron Munter has said it is time for the country to work on good governance and eliminate misappropriation of funds given for socioeconomic development.

Addressing an event at a local hotel in Karachi, Munter noted that the relations between US and Pakistan have always faced ups and downs and the US feels Pakistan does not want to cooperate in the war against terrorism.

Pakistan was given funds for education in Sindh and Balochistan; however, the money was not always used honestly, the former ambassador lamented.

US has always cooperated with Pakistan, and wants strong ties between the two countries, Munter, who served as US ambassador in Islamabad between 2010 and 2012, said.

“[At] the end of Musharraf’s era, there was hope in the United States to balance the [bilateral] relations, to [clear the misconception] that the US [always] uses Pakistan [for its gains] then throws it away,” he added. 

“Munter doesn’t understand depth of Pak-US ties”

Federal Information Fawad Chaudhry, while reacting to former US ambassador’s statements, said that Cameron Munter doesn’t comprehend the depth of Pakistan-US relations.

“Munter has not been to Washington since a while… he retired a long time ago, he is unaware of the recent developments between Islamabad and Washington” remarked the minister.

The coalition support fund has ended since a long time, said the minister.