Tik Tok star Jannat Mirza leaving Pakistan

By Abid Usman

Just before Tik Tok got banned in Pakistan, Jannat Mirza became the only celebrity of Pakistan hitting 10 Million followers on any social media platform.
When the Tik Tok got banned people started making fun of Jannat Mirza but Jannat Mirza said that she is happy with the decision.
The 2 years old Tik Tok start recently posted the picture on her Instagram and the fans inquired about her return to the country as she is currently in Japan for shooting.
Someone asked her in comments section that whether she is shifting to Japan permanently and Jannat making it official said “jee” (yes).
Another fan asked her that why is she shifting to Japan and she replied: “ku k Pakistan bht pyara or acha hai lekin Pakistan k logo ki mentality achi nhi” (Pakistan is beautiful country but mentality of People of Pakistan is not good).
Seems like the the trolling and bashing of our people have pushed her to leave her own country and get settled in Japan.