Those whose name was a sign of fear in Karachi will not be forgiven: DG Rangers

Paramilitary Sindh Rangers Director General (DG) Major-General Mohammed Saeed stated that those whose name was a sign of fear in Karachi will not be forgiven nor will any force that works against the interests of Pakistan be tolerated, media reported.
Speaking to senior journalists in Karachi, DG Rangers iterated the city’s dramatic fall in crimes since the beginning of the operation four years ago. He said extortionists’ made between 80-100 million rupees before 2013 where as in the last year only four cases of extortion were reported.
Maj-Gen Saeed pointed out that there was no terrorist attack in the city in 2017 except for 15 target killing incidents [out of total 45 in the year] involving Ansarul Shariah. He added that the Rangers had handed over more than 1400 street criminals and dacoits to Sindh police, most of whom were repeated offenders and have now been charged under the anti-terrorism act.
Last month, the paramilitary troops were forced into the limelight after being ‘accused’ of forcing an alliance between Muttahida Qaumi Movement – Pakistan (MQM-P) and Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) which lasted less than 24 hours.
In a previous interview, DG Rangers had acknowledged that leaders of various political parties were in contact with the Rangers on the issue of their arrested workers. “After securing a policing role in the Karachi Operation, the Rangers’ command is in constant contact with leaders of all political parties,” said the DG Rangers.
He, however, dismissed reports regarding helping chart out a deal, maintaining that the Rangers were deployed in Karachi to help control the law and order situation, and that the current operations were being conducted with the help of the intelligence agencies.