There was no need for putting me on ECL, had already given my passport: Zardari

KASHMORE: Former president Asif Ali Zardari said that there was no need for the authorities to put him on the Exit Control List (ECL) as he had already submitted his passport at the time of applying for bail.

“I have to be buried at the Garhi Khuda Baksh and give and I am answerable to Bhutto and Benazir after death,” the Pakistan Peoples’ Party co-chairperson said in a gathering at Kashmore.

“They just want to create drama but rest assured it won’t affect the party’s voter,” adding, “we want you to stay but what else we can do if you are up to ending the political institutions. We are fighting for our people.”

The former president said that in the country 71-year history establishment did not treat well people who worked for the national progress but it doesn’t matter to him as he is not scared.

Zardari called his opponents ‘deaf and dumb’, adding that they toppled late Benazir Bhutto’s government twice, martyred her but still couldn’t stop her. “They weren’t able to topple my government. I completed my five-year tenure. Worked for the poor, distributed provincial budget equally but those who are sitting away can’t understand it.”

The former president said that there will be a day when Sindh will have its own gas company like the province made its own coal company and made people of Pakistan as their partners.

“How can I make those people understand something who are up to ending political institutions. What can I do if you don’t have any senses?,” Zardari took a jibe without naming any political party or state institution.

The former president said that the federal board of revenue was stronger during his tenure.