The US-Iran heat

In violation of international law, the United States carried out air strike on Baghdad International Airport, killing top Iranian Commander General Qasem Solemani. The attack came in the aftermath of siege of US embassy by angry demonstrators who breached its fore walls on Tuesday. The demonstrators had stormed the embassy building in retaliation of US air strikes on pro-Iranian militia Hizbollah base in Iraq in which 26 people were killed. President Donald Trump had blamed Iran for the attack of violent protesters on embassy compound. He has threatened Iran to be prepared for paying the price which was taken in the shape killing General Solemeni. The assassination of Iranian commander has been condemned by France, Russia and Syria. France European Union Minster Amelie de Montchalin expressed anguish over it and said world has become more dangerous. Kontantin Kosachev, head of Russian foreign affairs committee in the upper house of parliament said that killing of top Iranian general will boost tension across the Middle East. Syrian opposition has expressed joy over the assassination of general Qasem because he led the fight of Iranian forces in Syria to prevent the fall of President Bashara al Asad regime In the Syrian conflict Russia and Iran are close allies against the US, Israel and some Arab countries hostile to the sitting government there and back the opposition forces for its overtrow. The simmering US-Iran tension started rising when President Trump announced pulling out of Iran’s nuclear deal in May, 2018. The US also imposed economic sanctions on Iran. However, its European allies Briton, France and Germany regretted the President Trump decision and continued trade relations with Iran. Russia also expressed deep disappointment over it. On the contrary Saudi Arabia and Gulf States welcomed the pull out decision. The tragedy of rulers of Islamic countries is that they either by design or default remain oblivious to the existential threat to the countries they are ruling over. In the past a number of Middle Eastern Arab countries and Turkey took side with the US in the destruction of Iraq. The same mistake was repeated in the ongoing Syrian conflict. The erosion of the authority of sitting government in Damascus led to virtually autonomous Kurd region in Syria, giving impetus to Kurds’ insurgency in Turkey. Now Turkish forces have established a security zone in Kurdish region of Syria for the settling Syrian war refugees who are living in camps in Turkey.