The brave people of China, and their fight against Corona Virus


By Ajmal Khan Yousafzai

The world has been witnessing a huge pressure on the Chinese government over the current Corona Virus outbreak. Though, the Chinese government has been doing a perfect job for adopting preventive methods to tackle this evil virus. As, a few days back, the Chinese Premier on his visit to Wuhan called for united front against Corona Virus and urged the whole world to join hands with China in this regard. Similarly, President Xi termed the epidemic to be an Evil Virus and urged people to support the government for timely elimination of this disease. The government has also taken very strong actions to contain the virus spread. Firstly, initiated the project of building new hospitals in Wuhan city for Corona virus affected patients. secondly, provided more budget and loans to the local government, scientists community to come up with solution to the problem.

The government has also started awareness campaign across the country, the medicine and other medical tools are also provided in abundances to local authorities.  The treatment of this Virus is noted to be in full pace all over the country. Though, the number of patients are growing at present the total number reached over seven thousand but at the good omen is that more than sixty patients have been discharged after treatment from hospitals. This might be felt like not big achievement but in this situation, I think, it is a great victory in combating this Evil Virus. The recovery rate will grow with time, and the infection rate will decrease in the coming days.

The fight at present has reached to a critical stage, but the awareness and preventive measures have also paced, the further spread of Corona Virus has also contained. This sudden attack of the Virus has not only harmed the local people but also disrupted the Spring Festival happiness and family reunions. The awareness campaign is working as most of the people have stopped going outside unless it is important and the government has put monitoring checks all over the country.

The medical workers have continuously dedicated themselves to tackling this epidemic, as in Wuhan the nurses and doctors are working day and night to further ease the situation and cure the ill patients with any possible treatment that they so far know. I read an article on this Nurse from Wuhan, she performed 24 hour duty for the sack of humanity. This provides a sense that the most important thing is not to calculate responsibilities as the fight continues and the battlefield expands. The situation may become more severe but all must contribute what they can to prevent further spread and contain the epidemic.

At present, the Chinese people are showing great unity and braveness in this fight, as they have joined the national battle front line, supported the government effective measures, and soon they will witness turning point. I am confident that soon the Corona Virus will be contained with the support from Scientific community, the dedication of Doctors and Nurses, with the unity and bravery of the Chinese people, and the commitment of Chinese government. My good wishes are with the Chinese Nation.  -The author is a staff member of The Daily Mail