Teleschool App witnesses over 10,000 lesson downloads

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: There has been a robust response for Teleschool App initiative of the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training with more than 10,000 downloads in 310 cities across the country since its launch during the last week.
The official sources in the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training stated that around 5,500 enrollment numbers were recorded on Teleschool App during the last week.
They also informed that around 17,000 videos of various class lessons have also been viewed in just a week which was a clear sign of its success among the poor segment of the society, especially in far-flung areas of country. The latest technology like Teleschool would be utilized to further improve the quality of education, they added.
It may be mentioned that Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif had launched the ‘Teleschool Pakistan App, Google for Education and Digital Continuous Professional Development’ initiative last week to provide online education to students from grade-1 to 12. The initiative will further revolutionize the formal education medium in the country.
Meanwhile, idea of launching of the first-ever TeleSchool programme had come into practical shape during 2020 in view of the coronavirus pandemic with an objective to telecast education lessons for students at their doorsteps.
“Through mobile phones we can reach in those areas where so far we have no infrastructure as tele-education is the way forward now”, the sources said.
There are substantive challenges in education sector like more than 20 millions out-of-school children and just 60 per cent literacy rate but the education ministry has been taking initiatives like tele-education. Mobile phones have also been massively contributing in access to education.
The schooling is available for 10 hours each day from 8am to 6pm and also focusing on students of grades 1 to 12.
According to the Ministry of Education, the content has been aligned with students’ learning objectives for major subjects of the curriculum prevalent across the country. The ministry said PTV had been chosen as the broadcast medium as 95% of the population had access to its services.
The content has been sequenced by officials from the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE). Some digital educational content development platforms provided support on a pro bono basis.
The channel is also extensively benefiting children living in far-flung areas. However, the aim of the initiative is to provide education to children at their doorsteps. The people have termed the initiative a great concept, particularly in remote areas of the country where there was no infrastructure for primary education.