Tehran threatens to shut IAEA cameras monitoring


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TEHRAN: The head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament said that according to the Strategic Plan for Lifting of Sanctions Act, if the Vienna talks will not be concluded by May 24th, the IAEA inspection cameras in Iran`s nuclear sites will be turned off.
“Nothing new has happened so far in Vienna and the talks have been prolonged,” the head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Iranian Parliament, Mojtaba Zolnour said.
He expressed hope that the lock on negotiations to be broken and the path will be paved quickly.
“If this lock will not be broken, according to the strategic law for lifting sanctions, the opportunity for the US to fulfill its obligations will end on May 24 and the Islamic Republic of Iran will take necessary action accordingly,” he added.
He noted that the first is stopping the implementation of the IAEA Additional Protocol. “At present, the IAEA monitoring cameras at nuclear sited are operating offline, and the agency can access the content of these cameras in the case of a positive result of the Vienna talk.”
Zolnour said that if the negotiations will not be concluded positively by May 24th, the content of the cameras will be destroyed and the cameras will be turned off. He stated that after the set date, Iran will no longer implement the Additional Protocol, which it had been implementing voluntarily, but the IAEA inspectors can continue their inspections.
“These inspections will be carried out under NPT.”
He went on to say that any agreement reaches in Vienna should be informed to the parliament.
“If the agreement will be within the framework of JCPOA and no issue will be added to it, it does not need to be approved by the parliament, but any new submitted clause to JCPOA, must be approved by the parliament,” he said.