Technology to increase Pak Cherry presence in China

BEIJING: It’s cherry season in China now and there is nothing better than champing on some sweet tasting cherries for summer.
On the online shopping platforms, cherries imported from overseas have been well received by Chinese consumers, of which mostly are from Chile. The price of Chile cherries (32+mm) on China’s online shopping websites is equivalent to about $55 per kilogram, revealing enormous profit potential. Pakistani cherries, with beautiful appearance and high sweetness, can’t miss the chance to enter China, one of the largest consumer markets in the world.“Pakistani cherry looks quite good and the color turns dark when it matures. At present, cherries of dark color are especially loved by Chinese customers,” Wang Zhihua, General Manager, Shaanxi Jinguo Cherry Industrial Development Co., Ltd. told media.
More importantly, “there is a time difference of 10 days to half a month between most Chinese cherries and foreign cherries’ maturity.
Therefore if Pakistani cherries can enter the Chinese market, there’re profitable opportunities,” Li Wei, Business Representative, Huazhilong International Trade Co., Ltd. said. In addition, as he sees it, the big temperature difference between day and night as well as the adequate sunlight in Pakistan confers more competitiveness on Pakistani cherry’s taste. –Agencies