Technologies make ‘chunyun’ journey cosier

JINAN: For travelers waiting for departure, it is common to have a meal in a restaurant at the railway station. But the intelligent restaurant at North China’s Jinan Railway Station has brought a brand new experience for travelers.
Unlike traditional restaurants, the Gaotiexia intelligent restaurant has no human servers or chefs but is operated by robotic equipment.
“We have six automatic cooking devices. Each dish takes only 5 minutes from being ordered to being delivered at the table,” said Ren Guotao, who is in charge of the restaurant.
The devices are able to cook 18 kinds of dishes for customers, including stir-fried shrimp with cashew nuts, braised chicken with mushroom, and the traditional Sichuan cuisine dish spicy Mapo tofu.
The restaurant is also equipped with a smart coffee machine, soymilk and beverage machine, and ice cream machine. Everything will be ready in minutes after customers scan the code and pay. “For travelers in a rush. The cooking machine can also make a bowl of delicious beef noodles in 48 seconds,” said Ren, adding that the restaurant offers a smart, faster, and more sanitary choice for diners. The Spring Festival travel rush, also known as “chunyun,” began on Jan 7 and will last until Feb 15 this year, during which many Chinese people will travel to reunite with their families for the Chinese Lunar New Year, which falls on Jan 22 this year.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news excahnge item