TCM doctors on frontline in virus fight

WUHAN: Many traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) doctors, including post-90s medical workers, have been fighting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic on the frontline in Wuhan, central China’s Hubei province.
Fan Cunyu, born in 1990, is one of them. “I studied TCM and am a respiratory physician. I have no reason to chicken out,” said Fan, who is with the Hubei Provincial Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine.
Fan volunteered to treat novel coronavirus patients in the hospital’s isolation wards after the outbreak, and was mainly responsible for applying TCM methods to treat patients. “The TCM experts in our hospital have developed a TCM prescription, and my team treats patients based on the prescription and their condition,” Fan said, adding that TCM treatment significantly improves the patients’ conditions.
“TCM has shown a curative effect,” Fan said, noting that as a young TCM doctor, it is his responsibility to carry forward the best elements of TCM.
When no new COVID-19 cases were reported at the hospital on March 15, Fan rested a week, then resumed normal outpatient services.
28-year-old Zhan Mingming, an acupuncture doctor from the Hubei Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, also volunteered to join the fight against the virus on Jan. 22, and began her work at the hospital’s isolation wards a few days later.
“I wanted to do my part, as our hospital received a lot of patients,” she said, worrying that she was not up to the job as she had only been working in the hospital for one year. Over the next month, Zhan made the rounds of the wards every morning and instructed patients how to take traditional Chinese medicine.
– The Daily Mail-People’s Daily News exchange item