Talks successful as PIA, pilots reach agreement

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan International Airlines have finally reached an agreement with the Pakistan Airlines Pilot Association (PALPA), it was learned on Tuesday.
As par details available by sources, the decision was made during a meeting between Aviation Division and the PALPA representatives. The representatives of PALPA apprised the meeting about their apprehensions pertaining to the safety measures being taken regarding airline operations in the wake of Coronavirus.
Under the agreement, the airlines will provide the entire protective gear to its pilots and cabin crew with immediate effect.
A pilot-in-command will ensure his/ her satisfaction with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCCA). A certificate will be countersigned and verified by the PCAA Inspector from Directorate of Fight Standards and Directorate of Airworthiness. CAA Inspector will brief the pilot of the flight, the flight will operate on the satisfaction of the captain, whereas, Airline will not be held responsible.
Furthermore, the Airlines will ensure that the cabin crew and the relevant ground handling staff are fully trained. ‘It shall be ensured that full compliance to the PCAA SOPs is ensured at every level,” read the minutes of the meeting. The Airlines will be informed in writing by the pilot if one is unwilling to carry on the job due to issues related to COVID-19.
The development comes came after three flights were canceled because of the boycott announced by PALPA.