Taliban expected to honor pledges: COAS

-Says the country desires for peaceful and progressive region
-Urges Afghan new leadership to ensure its territory will not be used against any country
-Claims enemies want to weaken State through hybrid war
-Wants cadets to keep abreast of technological advancements
-Expresses proud of young officers leading from the front
-Aims to keep supporting Kashmiris against Indian oppression
-Visits Pakistan Military Academy Kakul

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan is expecting the Afghan Taliban to follow through on their promises to the global community regarding women’s and human rights in general in Afghanistan, Chief of Army Staff Qamar Javed Bajwa was quoted by a statement released by ISPR as saying.
According to the military’s media wing, the Army chief, while addressing a flag ceremony at the Pakistan Military Academy in Kakul, said he also expects the new Afghan leadership will ensure its territory will not be used against any other country. The Taliban announced the formation of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan – less than a week after the group took control of the Afghanistan capital Kabul on Thursday.
Their spokesperson Zabiullah Mujahid tweeted that the Islamic Emirate wants good diplomatic and trade relations with all countries. He rejected reports of Afghanistan suspending trade with any country. Bajwa echoed the stance of the global community, especially the Western countries pertaining to the rights of women.
The United States said Monday that it would only recognize a Taliban government if it respects the rights of women and shuns movements such as Al-Qaeda. “Ultimately when it comes to our posture towards any future government in Afghanistan, it will depend upon the actions of that government. It will depend upon the actions of the Taliban,” State Department spokesman Ned Price had said.
Bajwa further said Pakistan desires peace and progress in the country and the region. “Pakistan’s sincere efforts to promote and support the Afghan process manifest our vision for a peaceful, economically integrated and prosperous region.” He said Pakistan has “unambiguously and repeatedly,” asked the global community to play its part in an inclusive and unbiased Afghan process as well as economic sustenance of Afghanistan. “Pakistan has paid a huge price for instability in Afghanistan,” Bajwa added.
“Despite Pakistan’s own economic challenges Pakistan has hosted over 3 million Afghan refugees for more than four decades.” The Army chief said Pakistan will continue to play its role for peace and stability in Afghanistan “direly needed for the entire region and in particular our Afghan brethren.”
The COAS reviewed the Flag Presentation Parade as chief guest. He awarded Battalion Standard to 4th Pakistan Battalion which was raised on 10th of October 2016.
COAS lauded PMA’s role as the premier training institution of Pakistan Army and commended the faculty and staff for maintaining high standards of training and grooming the young leaders that form the backbone of Pakistan Army.
Dilating upon future challenges in the view of changing dynamics of warfare, the COAS advised the cadets to wholeheartedly focus on training and remain abreast with the latest advancements in technology to prove equal to the task.
He said Pakistan Army is proud of its young officers who continue to lead their men from the front with courage and devotion to defend the freedom of motherland.
“Enemies want to weaken the state through the hybrid war. We cannot keep silent on the efforts of those criticizing Pakistan.
The conspirators are a hurdle in the regional peace. No power can harm a united nation,” he declared.
The COAS particularly recalled the plight of Kashmiri people of Indian Occupied Kashmir due to the Indian state’s repression who, he said, are under the worst military occupation in human history.
“Our hearts beat with the Kashmiri people and we will continue to stand with them always and ever,” he said.
Bajwa said regional peace will remain elusive without a just and peaceful resolution of the Kashmir issue adding that hostile forces are trying to weaken the society and state through a hybrid war.
“Pakistan Army is fully cognisant of these challenges and is prepared to tackle them.
“We will ensure country’s defence by focusing on core competencies and technology.”
Earlier this month, the army chief appreciated the Baloch regiment for displaying the highest standards in all professional pursuits, including their befitting participation in operations.
According to the ISPR, he made the remarks during a visit to Baloch Regimental Centre Abbottabad on the occasion of the annual commanding officers’ conference.
Speaking on the occasion, the army chief emphasised that commanders at all levels should stay focused on achieving professional excellence, while keeping themselves abreast with the latest developments, to overcome emerging challenges.–ISPR