Sufi poet Wasif Ali Wasif warmly remembered

By Hina Kiyani

ISLAMABAD: Famous Urdu poet, writer and sufi intellectual Wasif Ali Wasif was remembered on his 30th death anniversary being observed on Wednesday.
Born on January 15, 1929 in Khushab, he was famous for his unique literary style. No contemporary Urdu writer is more cited in quotations than Wasif.
Master of aphorism, he had almost a miraculous ability to capture a rainbow of meaning in a few dewdrops of well-chosen words. Many of his aphorisms have become proverbs in recent years.
His book “Kiran Kiran Suraj” containing these aphorisms remained a best seller for many years. He used to write short essays on topics like love, life, fortune, fear, hope, expectation, promise, prayer,happiness, sorrow and so on with the clear objective of highlighting the true spirit of Islam.
He was died on January 18, 1993 and was buried in Lahore.
His works include Shab Chiragh (Urdu Poetry), Kiran Kiran Suraj (Aphorism), The Beaming Soul (English Version of Kiran Kiran Suraj), Dil Darya Samundar (Essays), Qatra Qatra Qulzum (Essays), Ocean in Drop (English version Of Qatra Qatra Qulzam), Harf Harf Haqeeqat (Essays), Bharay Bharolay (Punjabi Poetry), Shab Raaz (Urdu Poetry), Baat Say Baat (Aphorism), Gumnam Adeeb (Letters), Ziker-e-Habeeb (Na’tia Poetry), Dareechay (Aphorism), WasifYat (Essays), Kulyat-e-Wasif Ali Wasif (Poetry), Aqwaal-e-Wasif Ali Wasif Ka Encyclopedia.