‘Sufficient wheat reserves available’


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Minister for National Food Security and Research Syed Fakhar Imam on Friday said that there was sufficient wheat stock with the public sector in order to tackle with the local consummation.
However, he said that Import of further quantity of wheat was considered in wake of Covid-19 and possible impact of locust on the national economy as well as for discouraging hoarding and stabilizing the local market.
The Minister chaired a meeting of Wheat Review Committee via video link regarding various issues pertaining to wheat procurement, pricing trend, stocks and arrangements made to ensure sufficient wheat supply in the country.
Wheat production estimates of four provinces were reported at the level of 25.457 million tons, including 19.402 million metric tons in Punjab, 3.852 million metric tons in Sindh, 1.220 million tons of KP and 0.983 million metric tons in Balochistan.
With the addition of carry forward stock of 0.605 million metric tons and total availability of wheat was calculated at the level of 26.062 million metric tons at the national level.
The Minister was briefed that so far public sector has procured a quantity of 6.519 million tons which is 38% over and above the procured quantity of 4.034 million tons of the previous year.
Public sector has achieved 79.03% of their assigned target of 8.25 million tons.
The Committee also considered further import of wheat in view of situation pertaining to Covid-19 and possible impact of locust attack in provinces.
The meeting was also attended by the senior officials of ministry and provincial secretaries of a griculture/food departments of Punjab, Sindh, KP and Balochistan.
Managing Director Pakistan Agriculture Storage and Service Corporation also attended the meeting.