Students attempt to burn school where Bilal was beaten to death by teacher

Classmates of Hunain Bilal, the 10th grader who was allegedly tortured to death by his schoolteacher, have attempted to set fire to the private school where the incident happened, suggest reports. 

In the early hours of Saturday morning. classmates of Bilal entered the school carrying petrol bottles and attempted to set the building on fire, but only managed to inflame two rooms. 

Police officials arrived on the premises and caught the students in the act, arresting several of them. The fire brigade also arrived promptly before the fire could spread to other parts of the school. 

Earlier on Thursday, a teacher at a private school in the city’s Gulshan-e-Ravi area allegedly beat one of his students to death over failure to complete an assignment. 

According to the 16-year-old’s paternal uncle, Hunain — son of Bilal and a resident of Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Ravi neighbourhood — studied in Grade 10 where his teacher, Kamran, beat him for not completing his assignment before coming to class.

Late Hunain’s uncle further alleged that Kamran, the teacher, kicked the teen in the back and stomach due to which he lost consciousness but was not immediately shifted to the hospital. Later, however, Hunain succumbed to his injuries after he reached the hospital.

The family, mourning the tragedy at home, demanded justice for their deceased son. Police said they have arrested the teacher and started an investigation after sending the body for a post-mortem examination.

Punjab Minister for School Education Murad Raas has taken notice of the incident and directed the chief executive officer (CEO) for school education in Lahore, Tariq Raffiq, to submit a report.