Struggle to be continued for real freedom: Imran

-Addresses huge public rally at Attock to mobilize masses for Islamabad March
-Says he will prefer Jail over accepting imported government, slavery
-Asks youth to join his struggle
-Terms Zardari as worst disease for the country

DM Monitoring

ATTOCK: The Chairperson of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday said that he has decided that as long as Allah keeps him alive, he will continue his struggle for real independence and will never accept thieves and robbers.
Addressing a rally in Attock, the PTI chairman said that it is the responsibillity of the brave young people to participate in this struggle with me and further urged the women to also take part in it saying that they have to be part of this real war for independence. This is an impartant time for our country, and we have to decide either we want to submit being slaves to America or live as the citizens of an independent sovereign state, he said.
My mother told me that you’re lucky to be born in an independent country, he said.
Emphasizing the importance of freedom he said many have lost their lives in foreign war. Conquering is one form of slavery. To enslave without conquering is another form, Pervez Musharraf had to submit to United States.
Imran Khan mentioned that U.S had threatened Musharraf to join the war or else they would bomb the country. He said that even the leaders at time submitted to the demands of U.S but I’ll never bow down to anyone and neither will I let my nation to submit, he added.
The PTI leader also brutally criticized the supreme leadership of the opposition parties explaining that they have badly damaged the sovereignty of the state. While targeting the PML-N leaders he said that one bows to others while the other used to talk against the Armed Forces from abroad. He also lashed out at PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari teaming him to the worst disease for the country.