Strict steps to ensure security, fairness of gaokao

BEIJING: Public security and education authorities said on Monday that they will show no tolerance for any exam-related crimes, to ensure the security and smooth operation of the upcoming annual college entrance exam, or gaokao, and the legitimate rights and interests of those taking the test.
The exam, which a record 12.91 million participants have signed up for this year, is set for Wednesday through Saturday nationwide, though the specific days will vary by provincial-level region. It is one of the most important exams for Chinese students, as the scores will largely determine which university they can attend and, by consequence, their future career.
The Ministry of Public Security has taken strict measures against illegal activities related to testing, as well as against anyone who organizes cheating during the exam or produces or sells communication or recording equipment for use during the test.
Police in several cities have investigated a number of recent cases of organized cheating and fraud related to exams, according to the ministry.
Activities such as organized cheating, providing test takers with exam questions and answers, replacing candidates in the examinations and selling or using cheating equipment are a serious danger to the security of national education examinations, infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of candidates and violate laws, the ministry said. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item