Strength of Chinese system on display during Coronavirus fight


By Li Qingqing

Countries have responded differently to the COVID-19 pandemic. Compared to other countries, China has controlled its virus spread in a relatively short time. Some Western countries have always regarded China as a political rival, and they have felt the power of the Chinese system during the COVID-19 outbreak.
As a result, they claim the Chinese model as a so-called political threat to the world. They are proposing to further contain China’s rise. For example, British Conservative Party politician Tom Tugendhat said Britain needs a better understanding of China’s economic ambitions and global role when COVID-19 ends.
But first, China’s rise cannot be contained. China’s development has formed a solid process. Whether through decoupling or containment, the West cannot stop the process.
China’s rise has been welcomed by many countries because our development has also provided opportunities for them. Western countries cannot change such development dividends provided by China’s rise.
Second, we must understand that China is still a developing country. We have shown our advantage in the COVID-19 fight, and our productivity has guaranteed the supply of face masks and other medical supplies in a timely manner.
However, we should not be complacent. China’s prevention and control of the virus does not mean that we have comprehensively surpassed the US. We still need to improve in many aspects, including our public health system and high value-added products. Only by becoming stronger can China withstand pressure exerted by the outside world.
Third, China should show the world that it is a responsible major power and continue to promote cooperation with other countries.
Although this may be difficult due to rising populism and anti-globalization mood worldwide, we need to try our best. For example, during the critical period of combating the COVID-19, China stressed the construction of a Health Silk Road, which shows it is willing to improve global public health together with other countries.
China is also pursuing cooperation in other fields, because the world’s development needs China and China’s development also needs the world.
Fourth, we must be aware that the US may exert more pressure on China. Some US politicians have always been badmouthing and suppressing China, and have become even more aggressive after the COVID-19 outbreak. Signs of China-US decoupling have appeared in trade, technology, ideology and the academe. Facing such pressure, China must firmly protect its bottom line and play its global role.
China has shown its ability to mobilize and manage during the epidemic. It has subverted some Western people’s belief that the Western model is the only correct model worldwide, and thus difficult for them to accept the Chinese model.
They will be fiercer in containing China. However, their attempt will be in vain and history will prove that China’s rise is unstoppable.
–The Daily Mail-Global Times news exchange item