Spillway bridge for KHS opens to traffic


Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: After 867 days of construction, the spillway road bridge for Karot Hydropower Station (KHS) was completed and officially open to traffic on last Sunday (Sep 13th).
Karot Hydropower Station, one of the flagship projects under CPEC, has been contracted to build by China Gezhouba Group Co., (CGGC). According to CGGC, the opening of the spillway road bridge is a milestone in the construction of Karot Hydropower station.
Qian Tu, a Chinese staff of Karot project, has recorded the process of construction. He said, the Karot Hydropower Station embodies the profound friendship between Pakistan and China. Since the start of the project, both Pakistani and Chinese personnel have adhered to construct it with high standards, high requirements and high quality.
“It was a difficult and long journey,” Qian recalled, “in past two years, we have faced the challenge of frequent and fierce flood. During the rainy season, the project site is often suddenly heavy rain. It brought huge difficulties for the construction of the project.”
However, the greater difficulty lies in February 2020. The outbreak of COVID-19 caused a severe dearth of personnel and equipment idled. Therefore, the production schedule of the whole project laged far behind.
In order to finish the construction on time, Pakistani and Chinese staff united, 24 hours to stick to their posts.The project team also continued to optimize the construction plan and use advanced technology and equipment.