‘Solidarity can defeat pandemic’

CHANGSHA: Hailing from Equatorial Guinea, Mba Nchama Pedro Nsue has studied in China for nearly seven years. He said his journey to China was about finding an answer to how a country could develop so fast.
“I have loved Chinese culture since childhood and also been curious how China can develop at such a rapid speed, so I came to China to look for the answer myself,” said the young man.
Having spent seven years living in the country, Mba Nchama concluded that the secret to China’s rapid growth is solidarity. “And I believe China can defeat COVID-19 because Chinese people can stick together and fight together,” he said.
A graduate from a university in northeast China’s Jilin Province, Mba Nchama is now pursuing postgraduate studies in electrical engineering at Central South University in China’s Hunan Province.
“My family called me many times when reports on the epidemic first emerged in China and asked me to return to my country. But I told them not to worry, as I know China very well and I believe China can handle this. So I stayed,” he said.
He said the university provided free masks for foreign students, checked their body temperatures every day, sent meals to their dormitories and taught them epidemic prevention and control measures.
“There were around 250 foreign students from countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Turkmenistan and Afghanistan at the campus,” he said, adding that the university took care of them and made them feel safe.
Since the epidemic has waned, Mba Nchama’s life has gradually returned to normal. However, the epidemic situation back in his hometown now concerns him. His parents and five brothers and sisters live in Malabo, capital of Equatorial Guinea.
“The number of infections of COVID-19 in my country is still growing. My family members were very nervous. They were a little overwhelmed and did not know what to do. – Agencies