Social media causing damage to young generation: Bushra Ansari


By Aqifa Ameen

Bushra Ansari is a senior and multitalented actress who is unstoppable. After giving so many years to the showbiz industry, her popularity and demand are still high. She’s considered as one of the top actresses of Pakistan.
Bushra Ansari while talking about the damage social media is causing to young generation, mentioned that “I’m seriously very worried about our young generation. There are a lot of apps including TikTok, Snapchat, PUBG and many more, to which this young generation is hooked now and I have heard that people are making a lot of money from such apps.”
“My concern is that if our young generation will start making money from such apps they will neglect their studies. The money coming from such apps will attract them and they will loose their interest in studies. If they will concentrate on making money rather than their education, when will they study? Our next generation will not become doctors just because of these useless apps”, added Bushra Ansari.