‘Smearing China over COVID is geopolitical game’

DM Monitoring

DHAKA: There is no credible evidence that the novel coronavirus was released from China, the leader of a major Bangladeshi journalist union has said.
M Abdullah, president of a faction of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists, the country’s apex union for professional journalists, made the remarks in a recent interview with media, in response to a smear campaign against China over COVID-19 origin tracing. China “resolutely says no” to those in the United States who have continued to slander and smear China by using the epidemic as an excuse, disregarding common sense and taking an arrogant approach to science, the Chinese foreign ministry’s spokesperson said Friday after the White House said they were disappointed by China’s decision to reject the World Health Organization’s (WHO) work plan on a second-phase origin tracing.
Abdullah said accusing China of releasing COVID-19 is part of a geopolitical game. “No credible evidence has been brought forward yet,” said the senior Bangladeshi journalist.
Through a prompt and successful response to its COVID-19 outbreak, China has become a role model for pandemic preparedness and management across the world, Abdullah said. He said China’s promises and assistance to other affected countries reflect its sincerity to build a community with a shared future for mankind.
“When Bangladesh was struck by the virus, China was the first to rush in with medical assistance, medical team(s) and has since stood firm with us,” Abdullah said, noting that China and Bangladesh have stood shoulder to shoulder with each other during the fight against COVID-19. “Chinese vaccine donations in phases helped Bangladesh immensely,” and the pandemic has shown that for developing countries, China is a friend particularly worth keeping, he added. Describing China as a trusted friend of Bangladesh, Abdullah said China did not shun from showing friendliness even in the epidemic, Abdullah said. “We do believe that China will come forward to save Bangladesh from disasters of COVID-19 by sharing its success (and) experiences” in dealing with the virus, he said.
Such help will further deepen the bilateral relations and “it proves how much China cares about its friendship with Bangladesh,” Abdullah said.