Sistrology fame Iqra Kanwal’s controversial scene from short film

By Huma Yasir

Iqra Kanwal is a gorgeous and talented Pakistani YouTuber, she comes among Pakistan’s most popular YouTubers with 2.57 Million subscribers. The beautiful Iqra Kanwal has been successfully running her youtube channel for three years. Her sisters are contributing with her in Sistrology channel. Iqra Kanwal says, she began vlogging during the lockdown period because she had nothing else to do at home, she has now become a millionaire. Iqra has five sisters and she’s the eldest one. Sistrology is her main YouTube channel however her whole family is now doing solo vlogging. Iqra is a doctor by profession. The gorgeous YouTuber has tried her luck in acting and hosting as well.
A video of Iqra Kanwal is doing rounds on social media from a short film. Yes, Iqra has worked in a short film Nagina in 2018. Iqra Kanwal played the leading character in the short film which was by Mohsin Gillani Films. The controversial short film features the story of a young girl who is attracted towards a boy. The film was released with a disclaimer of “PG 18+”. Here is the link to her short film.
Well, it can be easily felt that the social media influencer has been doing media ventures for many years. She has also hosted a few road shows. However, Iqra Kanwal now looks more beautiful and attractive because of high quality makeup products and grooming. Here are her few old pictures followed by her new ones.
Iqra Kanwal’s fans are surprised to see her old viral video from a short film. Many are thinking that it is a real life viral video of the social media influencer but the video is from her initial days project. Fans are passing hilarious comments on video. A few fans are trolling Iqra Kanwal as well. Many fans are sad with Iqra for doing such a role.