Sindh’s revenue officers to be fully trained

Karachi: The Tapedar Training College in Hyderabad is going to be converted into a Revenue Training Academy so revenue officials can be trained on how to use e-stamping and e-registration facilities.
Sindh Revenue Minister Makhdoom Mahboob Zaman decided this because it will also help fulfill ease of doing business requirements.
The training of all revenue officers will be mandatory, the minister directed, because Board of Revenue was heading towards a paper-less system and all certificates, registrations, NOCs, transfers and mutations will be created through an e-system.
Zaman said he wanted a PC-1 to convert the centre into an academy so he can present it to the chief minister for approval.
He said the work to prepare in-house software was too slow. Officials have been directed to expedite the work so that the staff can be sent for training. During the meeting, it was decided that only Pakistanis living abroad will be able to get sales certificates for property online. They will have to apply for the certificate after getting verified at the Pakistan embassy.– Agencies