Sindh government directs private schools to pay full salaries to teachers on time

KARACHI: The Sindh government on Monday has directed private schools across the province to pay full salaries to its teachers on time.

In a notification issued, Director General Private Institution Dr Mansoob Siddiqui has directed schools to issue monthly fee challans instead of the usual bi-monthly or quarterly challans to the parents.

The circular stated that those educational institutions found violating the law will face strict action from the authorities.

The director general private institutions has warned the private schools administration from firing any of its staff.

Sindh govt had extended the school holidays till March 31 due to the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the province.

On Sunday, the Sindh govt had issued directives for factories and other private entities operating in the province to disburse salaries to their employees by March 31.

The Labour and Human Resources Department, invoking Section 3 of the Sindh Payment of Wages Act, 2015, advised “all Employers/Owners/Occupiers of the establishments and responsible persons” to disburse salaries to all kinds of workers, including permanent, contractual, and daily wagers.