Sikandar Raja likely to be the new CEC

ISLAMABAD: The government and opposition have agreed over the name of Sikandar Sultan Raja for the position of chief election commissioner (CEC) besides finalising names for two Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) members, citing sources, newsmen reported on Monday. Sources told ARY News that both sides have agreed over the formula regarding the appointments as new CEC will be appointed over recommendations of the federal government, whereas, two ECP members will be named for the vacant slots by the opposition. It emerged that the participants of the parliamentary committee during today’s meeting showed agreement to appoint Sikandar Sultan Raja as new CEC. They have also finalised Shah Muhammad Jatoi for ECP seat in Balochistan and Nisar Durrani for ECP Sindh, sources added. Earlier in the day, ARY News reported that the federal government is mulling over names especially for the position of CEC agreeable to all. However, it emerged that new names will come into the discussion if the federal government withdraws its suggested names. A formula was suggested to the premier for the acceptance of name for CEC from the government’s side and the appointment of two ECP members over recommendations of the opposition. Earlier on January 17, the parliamentary committee had made some progress during a meeting to discuss names for the appointment of chief election commissioner (CEC) and members of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP), sources said. Sources said the federal government and opposition are likely to make consensus for Sikandar Sultan Raja for the position of chief election commissioner (CEC). It emerged that both sides showed agreement on the names recommended for the vacant seats of ECP’s Sindh and Balochistan chapters, however, the name of CEC was undecided as the names of Babar Yaqoob and Fateh Muhammad were not withdrawn.