Shopping Mall Association holds meeting over market issues

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: A meeting of Shopping Mall Association was held in Islamabad under the chairmanship of Commodore Irfan-ul-Haq (Retd) in which the demand for waiver of rent was also considered and it was informed that all landlords whose livelihood is on rent are helpless and have nothing to do? Even their expenses have increased and due to nonpayment of rents, they will eat mud when they do not get rent.
Are the owners share the ownership of shops? Given that the profit from the shop is more, is that amount being ever shared with the owners. No never.
The government pays the rent to the shopkeeper when they give a formal receipt because the tenants do not pay the rent for many months and many run away with the rent stopped. On the other hand, there is a shortage of big shopping malls in the country.
Those who are now the face of any country in the world, in the current situation, they seem to be declining.
The administration’s taciturn falls on them, while the owners of large shopping malls and pavilions are responsible for cleaning, maintenance, security, elevators and running electricity system, maintain it and Keep it serviceable and working.
Hundreds of men and women are employed in gyms and health facilities in etc. There are millions of people across the country who are being paid a monthly salary but the tenants are reluctant to pay the rent. Many of them are also the owners of big brands. The federal government should take a central decision to open big shopping malls all over the country immediately. As soon as the Corona epidemic broke out, these shopping malls started using sanitizers and free masks at the entrance. Their arrangements were even better than those of the hospitals in terms of safety. The arrangements taken for maintaining social distancing have so far not been taken in the upper house of government and then the Sindh government has its own Wishes, which are being discussed on social media, which is spreading to other places and which will make millions unemployed. The federation should also save this national face at the central level.