Shocking! Shilpa Shinde dismisses Me Too movement; says there are no rapes in the industry, everything’s mutual

Popular television actor and Bigg Boss 11 winner Shilpa Shinde, who had accused ‘Bhabi Ji Ghar Par Hai‘ producer Sanjay Kohli of sexual harassment, last year, says that one should take a call then and there and there’s no point speaking up years after an alleged incident.

When asked to comment on India’s Me Too movement, Shilpa told, “It’s rubbish. You have to take a call that time only, it’s simple. You should speak about that matter that time only. Even I got a lesson. Jab hota hai, tabhi bolo – baad mei bolne ka koi faayeda nahi, it’s useless.”

Baad mei aap voice raise karte ho, usko koi nahi sunega, just controversy hogi – nothing else. You have to take a call that time only when it happens and obviously, you need power. (Say it when it happens, there and then. If you come out later, it won’t help and no one will listen.)”

“Honestly I don’t want to talk about it. I feel whatever is happening today – it’s something different – nothing will be changed. It will go on and on and on. I don’t know why they are spoiling our industry’s name. People are now talking about our industry – ki aisa hota hai, waisa hota hai.”

Shilpa also pointed out that the problem is not unique to the film and television industry. 

“This industry is not bad and it’s not very good. Everywhere these things happen. I don’t know why khud hi industry ka naam kharaab kar rahe hai. So those who are working and they got work – sab hi log kharaab hai? Aisa nahi hai, it totally depends on you. Aapse saamne waala insaan kaise react karta hai, aap usko kaise answer karte ho. It’s totally a give and take policy.”

Shilpa further added that everything that takes place in the industry is out of mutual consent and said, “Women are speaking now but at that time also I said that there’s no rape in this industry – zabardasti nahi hota. Whatever has happened in our industry, it’s a mutual understanding. It’s a mutual thing. If you are not ready to do that, just leave that thing.”

“There was one girl who came to our sets wearing such short clothes. I asked her why are you wearing this, she said I have just come for a meeting. I said you know you have come for a TV show and asked her how protagonists are dressed in a TV show. She was very innocent and very simple, I asked who suggested her to wear those clothes and who told her that if you wear these kinds of clothes you will get work? Not necessary. If you are talented, you will get to work. You don’t need to wear these kinds of clothes or do something else or something different. She got to know that and she said I am sorry. She had no idea. They just think that you have to look glamorous and we all know how men are. It’s simple – it’s everywhere. Koi saamne se aa raha hai toh koi bhi aadmi mana nahi karta. I think you have to draw your own line.”

“I don’t know why – even we know how girls are in this industry. They are coming from outside – I have seen a lot of girls they used to wear short clothes and come for meetings. They don’t know now how they are going to prove themselves. Mere waqt toh kisi ne koi awaaz nahi uthayi, kuch nahi bola. My matter is closed down – everything is shut down. I have no idea why we are talking about this topic now. I said that time they were harassing me and now that matter is over. Gade hue mudde ukhaadne mei koi faayeda nahi hai,” she further added when asked about her legal battle against the show’s producer.

Mere waqt toh few artists ne mujhe toh bolne hi nahi dia tha. I had a fight – I fought my battle alone. Abhi jo bhi ho raha hai that CINTAA thing is all bullshit,” said Shilpa.

When asked about CINTAA’s role in her case, Shilpa laughed it off and said, “Everyone knows what they had done. No one helped me. Aur kisi ne help ni ki ye mai nahi bol rahi, sabko sab pata hai.”

Shilpa is amused and skeptical about the kind of support the movement is getting. 

“I heard there’s some NGO or organisation and they are doing this. I have faced harassment, I have gone through a lot – nobody was there for me. Koi kisi ke liye hota nahi hai. Now, something different is there. 100% koi badi power hai jo ye sab kar raha hai. I don’t believe this.”