Sheikh warns PDM to abide laws

Staff Report

RAWALPINDI: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed has said the opposition parties have the right to hold public meetings but they won’t be allowed to take the law in their hands.
He expressed fear of terrorism threat and spread of COVID-19 in the country.
Rasheed said that external forces are engaged in hatching conspiracies against Pakistan Army and destabilising the country. Said before chehlum that law and order can be disturbed, the minister said and added that a group has been taken into custody from Islamabad.
The minister fearing the threat of terrorism said all political leaders including him should take precautionary measures. On October 6, Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad had feared that the protests announced by the opposition parties in the country could become a major source of COVID-19 spread. “I am afraid that their rallies could become major hotspots of virus spread in the country,” he had said while speaking to media after the federal cabinet meeting. He had further announced that the works on the Main Line-1 project will begin this week.
Earlier, Opposition alliance, the People’s Democratic Movement (PDM), moving towards the politics of chaos and anarchy, citing Railways Minister Sheikh Rasheed. “The military is the democracy, economy and stability of the country, it will not permit to spread lawlessness at any cost,” federal minister said.
He expressed fear of terrorism threat and spread of COVID-19 in country.
He said PM was not aware of the registration of sedition case against the PML-N leadership.