Shehbaz criticises PPP for doing nothing in Sindh

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif criticised the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) for doing nothing to improve the situation of Sindh, particularly Karachi.
In his address with a workers convention here, Shehbaz said he has come to see them for the first time since he became the head of the ruling PML-N.
He, however, said that Nawaz Sharif is their leader and will continue to be.
Speaking of the megapolis, the PML-N president said Karachi is the heart of Pakistan, which is home to people of all the ethnicities. “But this city has been shattered,” he lamented.
“Nawaz Sharif gifted Green Line project to the megapolis, but it could not be completed to this date. These people could not get buses so far,” Shehbaz said, mentioning that Nawaz provided all the funds for the project.
“Go to Larkana, nothing has been done there despite funds worth billions availed [for development],” he told the participants. “Though they take Bhutto’s name but did nothing for his city as well.
“They say, ‘Marsoon Marsoon Kaam Na Karsoon (We may die but won’t work)’,” the PML president took a jibe at the PPP leadership.
He further said there had been up to 20-hour load shedding across the country, but today around 10,000MW of electricity have been produced in the country.
The government is also working on Thar coal power project with the cooperation of China, he added.

Earlier having arrived in Karachi Saturday morning, Shehbaz shared on social media that a peaceful and prosperous Karachi is central to Pakistan’s progress.

He wrote: “Karachi is mini Pakistan where people of all backgrounds live. PMLN govt restored peace & the cosmopolitan image of the mega city by eliminating terrorism & busting armed gangs under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif. Peaceful & prosperous Karachi is central to Pakistan’s progress.”

Shehbaz, who formally took charge of the PML-N last month after a Supreme Court ruling banned former premier Nawaz Sharif from heading the party, also visited Quaid-e-Azam’s Mausoleum.

CM Punjab flanked by Governor Sindh Muhammad Zubair offered fateha and laid wreaths at the Quaid’s mausoleum. The two also prayed for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Earlier, Shehbaz held a meeting with Sindh governor upon arrival in the metropolis. Shehbaz and Zubair discussed the current political situation of the country during the meeting at Governor House in Karachi.

“PML-N has the vision of prosperity of people through development projects,” Shehbaz told the provincial governor.

CM Punjab also met with a delegation of lawyers, headed by former Supreme Court Bar Association president Yasin Azaad, at the Governor House.

While addressing the delegation, Shehbaz praised the contribution of the lawyers’ community towards the country’s progress. “Lawyer community ran a great movement for restoration of democracy,” said Shehbaz, adding “lawyers play a significant role in dispensing justice to ordinary citizens.”

No society can progress without justice and law, he asserted.

Shehbaz also remarked that he will improve the conditions in Karachi if given the chance after the upcoming general elections, which are expected to be held in late July or early August.

“People in Karachi are being denied basic facilities, we have to bring lights back to the city,” Shehbaz said.

During his day-long visit, Shehbaz is also expected to address a workers’ convention and hold meetings with members of the party’s Sindh and Karachi chapters as well as media personnel.

Earlier on Wednesday, Shehbaz visited Peshawar to address a PML-N workers’ convention.

Addressing the convention, the Punjab chief minister said if PML-N is given a chance he will bring Peshawar at par with Lahore.

“Peshawar is my home, the people of this city have always been a great host,” the PML-N president added. “If the Almighty gives me an opportunity, I will give Peshawar a metro train project in 2018.”