Shanghai holds campaign to boost consumption

BEIJING: Jing’an district of Shanghai launched a new campaign promoting retail consumption on Sep 5.
Lin Xiaojue, head of the commerce commission of Jing’an, said at the Fashion Zoo carnival in the Shanghai Exhibition Center on Saturday that the district’s retail volume for the first seven months of this year was 13.17 percent more than the same period last year despite the pandemic. “To further stimulate the potential of the consumer market, Jing’an district has decided to launch a series of promotional campaigns in the coming months,” she said.
The September campaign, which features fashion and lifestyle, will include new pop-up shops, music shows and events where beauty brands release their latest products. Jing’an, considered the fashion and commerce hub of Shanghai, is home to some of the most popular malls in the city.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item