Shandong shares experience with UK

JINAN: A working group sent by east China’s Shandong Province has shared experience of its fight against COVID-19 in Britain, according to a press conference held in the province on Sunday.
The working group held three video conferences with the British Ministry of Health and other departments, sharing the province’s experience and measures and providing guidance on the diagnosis and treatment of specific cases.
The group also provided psychological consultation and other services for more than 460 Chinese citizens in Britain.
“I introduced some specific measures such as establishing a joint working group composed of community workers, medical staff and police officers to British officials and experts,” said Zhang Ke, a member of the group. “They said they were inspired by our tracing system with big data and hoped to strengthen cooperation and share experience in the future.”
The province also offered 48 tonnes of anti-virus materials including medical masks and detection reagents to Chinese students and other personnel in Britain.
– The Daily Mail-China Daily News exchange item