Shahid Afridi reveals how he got married


By Abid Usman

Shahid Afridi is the cricket sensation of not only Pakistan but of the whole world. Shahid Afridi is immensely popular among both boys and girls because of his good looks and charming personality.
In one of his interviews, Shahid Afridi talked about his wife that how they got married. Shahid Afridi said: “When I first saw the picture of Nadia I didn’t like her, she was wearing a lot of makeup. Later on, when I saw her pictures without makeup I was satisfied.”
It was a typical arranged marriage Afridi first saw his wife live on his wedding night.
Afridi also talked about how difficult it is to convince his wife, because he has many female fans and his wife gets jealous. Shahid Afridi and his wife together have five beautiful daughters together.