Shagufta Ejaz’s daughter Anya’s latest Vlog

By Aqifa Ameen

Shagufta Ejaz is a veteran actress. people love her not just for her acting talent but also the way she shares her life with her fans through her social media. Her daughters also do their own content creation and Vlogs. Her daughter Anya and son-in-law Ali Hamza create their own Vlogs which people love to watch on YouTube.
Anya and her husband were in Dubai on vacation and like always shared their moments with their fans. This time Anya also made one of her biggest fashion purchases as she purchased her very first luxury designer bag. Anya chose a Louis Vuitton bag as she shopped from UAE and it cost a whopping 3000 dollars. Anya shared the whole experience with her fans via her Vlog.
Netizens however, are not too happy with this information and criticized Anya for being tone deaf and spending so much money on a mere bag.