Sh. Rasheed slams opposition’s nitpicking

By Asim Hussain

RAWALPINDI: Federal Minister for Railways, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed held a press conference on Saturday said that the current coronavirus pandemic is the biggest threat to humanity apart from world wars.
The minister said that the some people in the country do not want to see Pakistan get through this and are trying their best to disparage sincere efforts by the federal government against the dangerous pathogen.
Ahmed said that those sitting at their homes in front of computer screens and nitpicking government’s decisions related to the fight against coronavirus have had their moment in the sun and would never get back in the state of running the affairs of the country, ‘their time is up’ .
Speaking about the coronavirus Relief Tiger Force formed by the government to tackle the growing challenges in face of coronavirus, the minister said that the volunteers do not represent any entity or political party, the youngsters being registered are just to carry out relief work as the country goes through the global pandemic.
Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed also said that the virus was not specific to any sect or a group of people and such parity becoming topics of discussion will be detrimental to Pakistan’s fight against coronavirus.