Sequel to China’s highest-grossing Sci-Fi epic gets Worldwide release

BEIJING: A sci-fi blockbuster has become the first Chinese-made film to be released in China and the UK on the same day. ‘The Wandering Earth II’ opened in theatres on January 22, the first day of the Chinese New Year.
It’s a prequel to the 2019 mega-hit ‘The Wandering Earth’, which became the highest-grossing sci-fi epic in Chinese history and the fifth-highest grossing non-English language film of all time.
Guo Fan returns to direct the second offering in the multi-million dollar franchise, looking at how scientists and governments from around the world join forces to save the Earth from an unprecedented threat – the apocalyptic expansion of a dying sun.
The plot revolves around a plan to build powerful engines that will propel the planet out of the solar system and into safety, while others who favor pushing humanity into a purely digital existence try to sabotage the project.
The cast includes acclaimed Chinese actor Wu Jing, along with British actor Tony Nicholson who filmed scenes in Qingdao.
Critics say ‘The Wandering Earth II’ could give a significant boost to China’s thriving sci-fi industry, with pre-sale box office takings in China exceeding $14.75 million in just one day. Cedric Behrel, the managing director of Trinity CineAsia, said considerable efforts were made to make sure the movie could be screened in other countries on the same day as China.
The film could also pave the way for Chinese actors to make inroads on the international stage, according to Chris Berry, a Film Studies professor at King’s College London.
In a sense, the movie’s production mirrored the narrative theme of global unity, with stunt workers and graphic designers from around the world working together to create slick action sequences.
–The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item