Senate body shows concerns over data sale on dark web

ISLAMABAD: The Senate Standing Committee on Information Technology and Telecommunication Thursday expressed concerns about the sale of Pakistani public data on the Dark web and instructed the safeguarding of public data, including NADRA and banks.
Chairman of the Committee Senator Kauda Babar offered legislative support if needed for the production of data.
The official of the Ministry stressed the need for establishing the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) to combat cyber threats and called for public awareness on the cyber security in Pakistan.
The official also briefed the Committee on the National Cyber Security Policy (NCSP) approved in July 2021.
Senator Afnan Ullah Khan emphasized the importance of penetration testing through ethical hacking, an important step for ensuring data protection.
The Committee also received a briefing from the CEO of IGNITE regarding its initiatives across the country.
IGNITE has successfully established eight National Incubation Centers (NICs) in Pakistan, generating Rs 15 billion in revenue, creating 128 thousand jobs, and incubating over 1400 startups.
The Chairman of the Committee commended the IGNITE for its role in enhancing the startup ecosystem and urged the establishment of NICs in more cities, especially in Balochistan, to benefit the youth in that region. –Agencies