Search & Combing Operation initiated

By U.Zee

ISLAMABAD: Islamabad Capital Police, Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) conducted a search and combing operation at Noon police station jurisdiction.
Following the special directives of Islamabad Capital City Police Officer (ICCPO) Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan, the search and combing operations are being conducted in different areas of the city, to ensure the safety and security of the Islamabad citizens.
Following these directives, a search and combing operation was conducted in different areas of Noon police stations jurisdiction by CTD, FC and local police team under the supervision of SP CTD.
During the search and combing operation 10 houses, 05 vehicles and 15 motorcycles were thoroughly checked, while 03 pistols were recovered and 05 suspicious individuals and 01 motorcycle were shifted to the police station for further verification purposes.