Sci-tech cluster to promote int’l exchanges

BEIJING: The China Association for Science and Technology and the Beijing municipal government have launched the nation’s first cluster of headquarters for international science and technology organizations.
The cluster, located in Chaoyang district, is designed to promote international exchanges and cooperation in science and technology. Experts said the cluster, which currently features eight international organizations, would allow foreign scientists and academic institutions to work more closely with Chinese peers, leading to more efficient exchanges and cooperation between scientific communities from China and the world. During the inauguration ceremony on Wednesday, Yu Yingjie, vice-mayor of Beijing, said that the capital is one of China’s most resourceful and active contributors to scientific and technological innovations, hosting over 90 universities, over 1,000 research institutions and nearly 30,000 high-tech companies.
He said the capital also has over 470,000 active research and development personnel, the most in the country. As a result, the cluster will create new ways to expand international collaboration in innovation and participate in global governance of science and technology, Yu said. Shu Wei, vice-president of the China Association for Science and Technology, said the cluster would grant more opportunities for Chinese scientists and engineers to contribute their knowledge to the world, thus facilitating a global scientific community built on openness, trust and cooperation. –The Daily Mail-China Daily news exchange item