SC warns government to appoint AGP

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court on Monday expressed its displeasure over the government’s inability to appoint a new attorney general.
During a hearing, Justice Qazi Faiz Isa asked “who is the AGP in the coun-try at the moment?” and wondered if the government was so ‘incompetent’ that it was unable to appoint a new AGP.
On not getting a satisfactory answer from the deputy AG, Justice Isa said that the deputy AG is “acting as if the court has asked a very difficult con-stitutional question”.
“Is the government negotiating with anyone on the appointment of the at-torney general?” asked Justice Isa, adding that the top court has 5,500 lawyers, but the government is unable to pick one. Justice Isa also stated that the government is “violating the Constitution by not appointing the AG”.
During the hearing, the apex court also noted that the orders of the SC were not followed, adding that the additional and deputy AGs are only bound to take instructions from the AG.
Justice Isa further stated that it is against the law for the deputy and addi-tional AGs to appear before the court without the instructions of the AGP.
The comments by the apex court come as Mansoor Usman Awan recused himself from becoming the new AGP due to “unavoidable professional commitments”.
After Awan’s refusal, the government has again started looking for a new AGP, sources said, adding that the incumbent regime is considering a La-hore-based lawyer for the post.