SC judge promises justice to transgender persons on friend’s murder case in Mansehra

MANSEHRA: Supreme Court judge, Justice Ejaz Afzal, has promised swift justice to transgender persons in the murder case of their community member Munni, who was shot dead at a wedding in the city Friday night.
During their protest outside Mansehra Press Club on Saturday, the transgender persons demanded killings of their community members be stopped and they be provided justice.
The protesters also demanded action against the police personnel who allegedly helped the accused escape after they handed him over to them.
Since the press club is situated on premises of the district bar, protesting transgender persons were able to express their grievances and concerns before the Supreme Court judge, who was on a visit to the court.
Munni was shot dead Friday night at a wedding event she and her friends were performing, reportedly over refusing to provide change for Rs1,000.

Justice Ejaz Afzal promises justice to transgender persons during his visit to Mansehra.

A man called Riaz took Rs1,000 to Munni and her group for change as they were expected to have it after collecting notes “showered” on them, one of Munni’s friends present at the wedding told Geo News.
She said they provided him with the amount, but he approached them again twice asking for change for the Rs1,000 note he had shown them earlier.
Shemale Association Mansehra President Maria Khan told the media that Munni refused to provide him with more change as she knew he was tricking them. The refusal led to an altercation between the two, following which Riaz opened fire at Munni, Maria said.
She added Munni’s friend caught Riaz and handed him over to policemen at the check post near King Abdullah Hospital, but they “helped him escape”.
Later, the bereaved transgender persons took Munni’s body to Abbottabad Road and blocked the route for traffic. They protested again at the hospital till a case was filed against the accused.
After a while, the enraged and aggrieved transgender persons sent the deceased’s body to her native area of Abbottabad district for final rites.