SC bans affixing photos of politicians on govt property

By Adnan Rafique

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has banned affixing photos of politicians and public office holders on government property and documents.
The SC issued a decision related to the Rawalpindi Katchi Abadi case on Wednesday.
The judgment of the Katchi Abadi case was written by SC Judge Justice Qazi Faez Isa.
The court also disallowed personal advertising on government resources and said Pakistan is no one’s domain where the general people bow before the rulers.
The Supreme Court also said that vigilance has to be maintained to the democratic reputation as pasting photos for personal publicity on government property violates moral values.
The Supreme Court ordered all chief secretaries and federal administration to ensure the implementation of the court decision.
In the decision of the case, it is stated, “To name public/government properties and anything planned, developed and/or managed from public/government funds or to project oneself, as in the present case by getting one’s photograph affixed on the sanads, violates the Constitution, undermines Pakistan’s Islamic moorings, in without lawful authority, and if one may add, is also in bad taste.
Public/government properties, documents, and funds must be used in a transparent manner and by observing the prescribed standards of financial property and must also be compliant with the mandate of the Constitution and the laws.
It must also be ensured that no advantage of the benefit, directly or indirectly, accrues to or is taken by any living person, as was done in this case by affixing the photograph of the Chief Minister of the sanads of properties situated on the said land.