SC acquits 2 in explosive recovery case

By Ali Imran

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday has acquitted two accused in including Khalid Mehmood and Amanullah in explosive recovery case who had been pronounced 14 years imprisonment by a trial court and 10 years jail by a high court.
Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik heard the petition filed by the accused persons to challenge the verdict for their imprisonment in explosive recovery case. The petitioner’s counsel told the top court that no evidence has proved his clients’ connection with any outlawed organisation. Justice Manzoor Ahmad Malik questioned whether the accused person was a government employee or not. Khalid’s brother-in-law told the court that he is an employee of a psychiatric hospital in Lahore and father of five children who had been imprisoned for five years without committing any crime. The judge expressed outrage over the crime committed by the accused men and remarked that why people are being involved in such activities. He continued that what is the reason for acting against the country where you are residing. Justice Malik questioned the reason for possessing arms and ammunition besides being associated with outlawed outfits and its members.
Justice Malik added five-year imprisonment is enough for committing the crime by the accused men. He asked Khalid’s brother-in-law to tell his relative to refrain from such activities in future.
Later, the apex court acquitted the accused persons.