Sarwat Gilani slams hater for criticizing Churails

By Huma Yasir

The recent popular web series Churails has been banned in Pakistan due to its content and people are having mixed reactions. Some loved the show due to its thought-provoking content while others hated it completely.
The whole cast of the Churails has been criticized by the audience and recently Sarwat Gilani was criticized for her work in Churails.
Sarwat Gilani posted a picture with her Churail gang and captioned, “Hum Jo Hai’n Wo Hamaray Baad Hamesha Zinda Rahay Ga.” In the comments section, a follower bashed Sarwat for not showing a true picture of Pakistani Muslim women and advised her to show the positive side of our culture.
Sarwat Gilani didn’t hold back and schooled her follower, she wrote, “TV pay dekhain extra marital affair, auart pay hath uthana, gali deyna yay he tou hamara culture hai…izzat karain.” She further added, “Good side bhi hai? Kahan? CCPO kay comments mai? Rapist ko khula chornay mai? Corrupt logoun ko aur support karnay mai! Sach ka mou band karo, trophy rakh lo aurt ko maaf karo!”