Sarwar terms corrupt entities as hurdles for uplift

From Abid Usman
LAHORE: Terming the corrupt entities as bottle necks for country’s development and nation’s prosperity, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar said on Sunday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government would not budge an inch from its principled stand against corruption.
In his message on the occasion of Anti-Corruption Day here, he said that corruption was the root cause of all problems including economic constraints, price-hike, unemployment and poverty.
The governor said that corruption was the biggest hurdle in development and prosperity of any country. Along with the government, he said that Parliament, religious and political parties and all segments of society would have to play their role in elimination of corruption.
Sarwar said that it had now become inevitable to weed out corruption in every sector and at every level to rid the country of economic crisis, price-hike, unemployment and other problems. That was why, Prime Minister Imran Khan had ensured independence of NAB, FIA and other accountability institutions for ‘transparent and indiscriminate’ accountability.
Undoubtedly, today the accountability institutions including NAB and FIA were working with such an independence that had no example in the past, he added.
The Punjab governor said, “We are adhering to the policy of purging the institutions of political interference. Our government has a clear policy that accountability process will continue till bringing the last corrupt man to the confession box.
Judiciary, NAB, FIA and other institutions are fighting corruption with total commitment and sincerity for which entire nation pays tribute to them.”
Chuadhry Muhammad Sarwar said, “Today on the occasion of Anti-Corruption Day, we all have to make a pledge that we all will play an active role to make Pakistan a corruption-free country.”