Sanjjanaa wasn’t nude when she shot ‘Vulgar’ scenes that went viral

NEW DELHI: Kannada actress Sanjjanaa Galrani and her new film Dandupalya 2 have been trending since after nude scenes featuring the actress were circulated on the Internet. The scenes were deleted in accordance with orders from the regional censor board, reported International Business Times. In a recent interview with Times Of India, the actress said that she’s “shocked” and “appalled” with how the deleted scenes could garner such interest. She elaborated saying the scenes are actually the end results of editing and that she had herself covered while filming them. “Yes. I shot for it, but I was not nude. I have pictures that show my body parts covered up with a towel that were clicked in my caravan. What is eventually seen in the film is the result of computer colour grading, which was made to show the scene in that fashion,” she told Times Of India.

Times Of India also quoted the actress as saying: “My character, Chandri, is a victim of sexual abuse in this scene, so this was meant to showcase that. I am appalled at how the scene has been circulated by people and has been shown repeatedly on media platforms. It shocks me that people want to share content like this among themselves.”

Sanjjanaa also added that she was aware that the scenes, in which the actress’ character is reportedly physically abused by jail authorities, could generate negative interest for the movie and could be termed as “sensational.” However, the editing she expected was different. “I thought it would be shot aesthetically, but the way it has been picturized is downright vulgar. The fault is in the making. It might have been shot like that keeping the mass audience in mind,” she told Times Of India.

However, necessary attempts to take the video down from the Internet have been taken and investigation to track down the source of the leak is also currently underway, she added in her interview. Meanwhile, director Srinivasa Raju refused to comment on the matter, reported Times Of India.

This is not the first time Dandupalya 2 is featuring in headlines. Previously, Dandupalya 2 captured top spots on Internet trends because of Sanjjanaa’s reported troubled relationship with the film’s team, states International Business Times. The actress reportedly opted out of promoting the film, claiming her co-star Pooja Gandhi was given more importance in the final cut.

The first part of Dandupalya released in 2012. Actors like Ravi Kale, Prakash Raj and Makrand Deshpande will reprise their roles in the second one. A third instalment of the film is expected to arrive in theatres next year.